Tayside equestrian centre files plans to build on-site home after series of break-ins

An Angus stable plans to ramp up security after a number of attempts to steal their prized horses.

Tayside Equestrian Centre and Stables, which is located in Tealing, has applied for permission to build an on-site caretaker’s house to help keep a close eye on the site overnight.

The business currently provides livery and accommodation for up to 19 horses, as well as an activity space for dog training.

The planned changes include the construction of a home for an essential worker on the property, who will both care for the animals on site and keep an eye out for potential intruders.

Break-ins have been attempted at the stables several times before, with thieves attempting to steal the high-value horses which are kept at the stable.

They would also allow a member of staff to immediately respond when the horses are in need of help, instead of driving from Dundee.

While no detailed plans for the home itself have been provided, the owners have claimed that it will be designed as a “high-quality family home” and will be built in the same style as other houses in the area with some modern additions.

In a statement accompanying their plans, the equestrian centre said: “The value of the livestock is considerable.

“There have been a number of attempted break-ins, as such it is essential for the continued success of the business that 24-hour management of the site can be provided for reasons of security and animal welfare.

“The business currently has 2.5 (FTE) employees however at present there is no opportunity for anyone to live on site.

“At present staff have to rely on CCTV to monitor the animals, at times when horses are in
foal or are unwell this is unsatisfactory as staff need to travel from Dundee to attend to the animals.

“In addition, the proposed essential workers house will provide the much-needed security for the equestrian centre, many of the horses are extremely valuable and it is important to owners who use the livery service that they have confidence that their animals are secure.

“As such it is imperative that a house is provided to allow the essential worker to live on-site providing the required 24-hour, seven-day-a-week care for the horses.”

The centre was approached for comment.

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