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There are no politics allowed on this page (thank goodness!); users are asked just to post where the view is from. So far, “the only continent I have not seen is Antarctica,” Mulligan said.

If you want to do more than just enjoy the view, you can turn this into a DIY project. Mulligan’s sister, Kathy Nelson, paints some of the scenes from the page.

And for even more of a project, you might realize — as I did — that my own yard needs some serious TLC to become View From My Window worthy. Until then, I’ll just be a view voyeur.

Kale and donations

A Pleasant Prairie woman, who asked that her name not appear in this column, claims she’s “really lazy,” but I beg to differ. Her coronavirus shutdown list is exhausting and contains more activities than I managed in the entire 1990s.

Here’s her “eclectic list, half-done and half-to-do”: Bird watching; putting kale and apples into a food dehydrator; donating once a week, every week; reading “something outside of my comfort zone, like the other guy’s opinion”; and watching Court TV, including listening to the Supreme Court arguments, broadcast live. “It’s almost too good to be true — a front-row seat to history,” she said.

For the birds

“So far, we have identified 24 different birds with female counterparts. For us, this is most enjoyable as we stay at home. They are nesting and finding their way. If they can do it, most assuredly so can we.”

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